Before starting the academic pursuit for a degree in computer aided drafting (CAD), it may be of some benefit for students to brush up on their technology skills to prepare for classes. Because CAD courses are inherently based on technology, students will be expected to have mastered basic computer skills so that instruction during class can focus on learning CAD software and related subject matter. If your computer skills need a tune-up, there’s no time like the present to improve! ACC offers a variety of tools and classes that are FREE to students to help get you ready for interacting with technology more proficiently.

Please see the offerings below and take advantage of the resources available to you!

Adult Education: Computer Skills Center

ACC Library Services has compiled free resources to help get you better acquainted with your computer! Offerings include: a basic skills assessment test, several tutorials on general computer use, typing classes, mouse use classes, and Microsoft Office training. Click the button to the left to get started!

LearningExpress Library: Computer Skills Center

ACC Library Services has partnered with the LearningExpress Library to provide you access to their Computer Skills Center for free! With ten learning modules/areas, there is a wide variety of video courses to learn popular software and computer basics. Click the button to the right to get started!

PLEASE NOTE: If you are already signed in to ACC Library Resources with your ACC eID, the link will open directly into Computer Skills Center. If not, you will see the LearningExpress Library homepage where you can click on the Computer Skills Center image to sign in.