Whether you’re just looking at our programs or are well under way to a certificate or degree, everyone could use some advising!

Given the restrictions many students are experiencing due to pandemic-related restrictions, we at the A&E CAD department decided to host online advising sessions to give students an opportunity to learn more about the programs and ask questions. We recorded these sessions and have posted them here for your benefit. If you haven’t had the time or opportunity to set up an appointment or never considered contacting an advisor, we highly recommend all students take advantage of the recorded advising sessions provided below or to reach out to your advisor to schedule a time to get all your questions answered.

Get Registered!

Spring 2022 Semester Registration Guide

Ashleigh Congdon-Fuller (afuller@austincc.edu) discusses the upcoming Spring semester and how to get registered for the courses you need.

Recorded Advising Sessions

Orientation to the A&E CAD Department

Doug Smith (douglas@austincc.edu), program coordinator for Electronic CAD and former Department Chair, discusses the department’s offerings and students’ options.

What’s After DFTG 1405?

Ashleigh Congdon-Fuller (afuller@austincc.edu), Program Coordinator for the A&E CAD department, discusses students’ options after taking the introductory CAD course.

Architectural Advising Session

Erlene Clark, former program coordinator for Architecture, and Theo Krause (theodore.krause@austincc.edu), program coordinators for Architectural CAD (respectively), discuss the architecture programs with the A&E CAD department.

Civil CAD Advising Session

Jeffrey Muhammad (jmuhamma@austincc.edu), program coordinator for Civil CAD and the A&E CAD Department chair, covers the curriculum and courses that comprise the civil programs.

Electronic CAD Advising Session

Doug Smith (douglas@austincc.edu), program coordinator for Electronic CAD, covers the curriculum and courses that comprise the electronics programs.

Mechanical CAD Advising Session

Kim Duren (kduren@austincc.edu), program coordinator for Mechanical CAD, covers the curriculum and courses that comprise the mechanical programs.