About Us

The A&E CAD Training Center was founded in 1989 by two professors from ACC’s Architectural & Engineering Computer Aided Design program who realized that Austin-area architectural and engineering professionals would need a resource for continuing education training as their firms began to integrate CAD technology into the design process.

Since 1989, our training center has provided CAD training to thousands of Austin-area design, engineering and architectural professionals. The AutoCAD Training Center, as it was originally known, offered daytime and evening AutoCAD workshops. Today, our course offerings include training in many other CAD applications from numerous software vendors. The center has the resources to tailor training to the needs of specific organizations and has delivered customized CAD training to clients located as far away as Japan.

With a student to teacher ratio of 15 to 1 or less, each student can receive plenty of individual attention in our instructor-led classes. Students receive a certificate from ACC at the completion of each class. In addition, students also receive continuing education units (CEU’s), which are required by many professional licensing organizations including the American Institute of Architects and Registered Professional Land Surveyors.

AIA Continuing Education Provider

Members of the American Institute of Architects need continuing education to stay at the top of their field and grow the profession. The A&E CAD Training Center is proud to be a registered AIA Continuing Education provider.

If you are a licensed architect, email us at learncad@austincc.edu upon the completion of your course with your name, license number, and the name of the class you completed, and we will submit your information to the AIA so you can receive CE credit for attending our class.

To learn more about AIA Continuing Education, please visit their website by clicking here.

A&E CAD Training Center Manager & Advising

Ashleigh Congdon-Fuller
A&E CAD Training Center Manager
Program Coordinator

Email: afuller@austincc.edu
Phone: (512) 223-4900
Directory: Ashleigh Congdon-Fuller

Ashleigh Congdon-Fuller serves as the A&E CAD Training Center Manager, part of the broader Continuing Education program at ACC. Ashleigh also provides introductory advising and oversees the introductory course, Technical Drafting (DFTG 1405), as part of her role as a Program Coordinator. Ashleigh earned a bachelor degree in Art History from the University of Texas at Austin and an associate of applied science in Architectural and Engineering Computer Aided Design – Architectural Specialty from Austin Community College.

Ashleigh has been teaching at ACC since 2002.

Continuing Education Faculty